Assistant Principals

Welcome Assistant Principals!

This group is specifically for those serving the AP role in a high school or middle school, and allows you to ask questions directly to other APs.

Assistant Principal Central - Wendy Bridges

Assistant Principal Eastern - Matt Shanafelt

Assistant Principal Western - Brad Lusk

Welcome to Summer! What are you up to - what projects or tasks are you involved with? Or is it just a nice break for you? We're at the MASSP Conference at Mackinac Island - always learning!

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Does anyone want to meet at the Conference to talk about alternative education issues?

Kind of late to suggest this, but...

I will be at the conference in Mount Pleasant on October 4th, 5th and 6th. Is anyone interested in meeting there as a group (or individually) to discuss alternative education issues? If so, please email me and we can arrange to meet.

Ken Willison, Alternative Education Liaison to MASSP;
President of Michigan Alternative Education Organization (MAEO)

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Middle School Science Fair

I have a teacher in my building who wants to organize a 7th grade science fair for the first time. Does your middle school have a science fair? If so, I was hoping to have my teacher connect with your science teachers who sponsor/organize your science fair.

Please email me if you can help!


David Simpson
Derby Middle School
Birmingham Public Schools


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Do you have an exam exemption policy at your school?

We have had a policy in place for several years that rewards good attendance (with a few other stipulations). They can exempt one exam of their choice if they qualify. I'm wondering if this is allowed under the new graduation requirements?

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Recommendations for professional development/teacher training for Connected Math.

I am looking for well qualified training for my 6th grade and 7th grade teachers for the Connected Math series. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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Who among us has alternative education responsibilities or interests?

Please help MASSP's new alternative education liaison, Ken Willison, gain a clearer understanding of who among us has alternative education responsibilities or interests. If you have any duties in your district related to alternative education ... or if you just have a strong interest in alternative education issues ... please let Ken know who you are. If you prefer not to post to the internet, please feel free to send an email to him at

Also, if you haven't done so already … why not join the new Alternative Education group? While not much has been posted there yet, we hope to get the ball rolling soon and would love to have all interested parties participate.


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Student Age Limitations?

At what age can we stop educating a regular education student that lives in the district? What does the law state?

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Any H. S. have experience with Title I Targeted Assistance planning?

Moving to Title I Targeted Assistance program in order to receive more funding to develop intervention classes/programs to help struggling students in mathematics and ELA. Looking for high schools who have successfully navigated the Title I application and have implemented an intervention structure to help reach at-risk students.

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Cell Phones as Instructional Tools

I am currently working with a company to develop and pilot a new program for teachers that would allow them to utilize student cell phones to aid in instruction. Our program would primarily use the phone's text messaging feature. Some functions of the program would include student surveys, quizzes and tests, real-time brainstorming, and picture and video galleries. It would be web-based so schools would simply pay a subscription fee and get a log-in. We are thinking about purchasing some pay-as-you-go cell phones for students to use who do not have text messaging service on their phones.

What do you see as the pros and cons of a program like this? I'm curious to get your feedback.

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9th Grade Center?

Does anyone currently operate and have success with a "school within a school" model specifically for the 9th grade population? If so, I would like to possibly arrange a visit to your school.

Thank you,
Scott Kapla
Lakeview High School

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Are you a Class A High School that requires students to have Student ID Cards?

Midland's school improvement team is looking for information from other Class A schools regarding school identification cards (or name tags) for students. We would like to know how many schools use them, in what capacity they are used, and consequences for not having them.

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Has anyone implemented a Senior Behavior Contract ?

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Senior class trip

Do you still offer senior class trips and what are the guidelines for the trip.

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How many minutes do you allow for passing time?

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Good morning,
I am looking for data that supports implementing the EXPLORE test in 8th/9th grade and the PLAN test in 10th grade. If possible, I am also looking at the cost of the two programs as it relates to their actual impact on ACT test scores.

Thank you,
Scott Kapla
Lakeview High School

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Personal Finance Course

I am in the process of putting together information to add a course to our curriculum. Curious to find out what others are using or doing for "Personal Finance" and what area is it located. (Economics or Business)

Looking forward to responses.

Perry Wilson

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Student Clubs

Does anybody have a form they use for teachers to request new student clubs?


David Simpson
Derby Middle School

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HYBRID SCHEDULE (80/90 min. & 45/55 min. Classes)

I am looking for schools who may currently run a hybrid schedule. We currently run a block/semester schedule but are looking to alternatives.

Particularly, I am looking for schools who may run 80-90 minute classes for either a semester or a year long. At the same time, I am looking for classes within the same schedule that run for 45-55 minutes for either a semester or for the entire year.

If you currently run a hybrid schedule combining block classes and 45-55 minute classes, I would appreciate the time to speak/meet with you to discuss the intricacies of how you schedule students and what type of program you use to do it.

We are exploring new avenues in terms of serving our student population. Any information would be a tremendous help.

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Has anyone purchased a cell phone jammer for your school so that students can not use their cell phones in school?

One of our teachers heard about this device on Channel 1. We want to know if anyone is currently using this device and if so, how is it working?

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What are the age limits your school has for guests at dances like the prom?

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I know it is becoming in issue with cutting and pasting off of the internet, so my staff and I are looking for some good language to put into our student's handbook regarding plagiarism. If you have something out there that has been working for you, and you are willing to share, it would be most appreciated.