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Welcome High School Principals!

This group is specifically for those serving as building principals at the high school level, and allows you to ask questions directly to other high school principals throughout Michigan.

High School Commission - Kevin Mowrer

IDPs: Beyond Compliance to Data Based Coaching

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Individualized Development Plans (IDPs_ are intended to support teacher growth and ownership of learning. This one-day workshop is designed to assist educators in formalizing a results-driven growth plan that provides the basis for inquiry and differentiated adult learning around professional practice and student growth goals that are grounded in the district’s instructional framework and/or rubric.

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MELG Building
1001 Centennial Way
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Does anyone want to meet at the Conference to talk about alternative education issues?

Kind of late to suggest this, but...

I will be at the conference in Mount Pleasant on October 4th, 5th and 6th. Is anyone interested in meeting there as a group (or individually) to discuss alternative education issues? If so, please email me and we can arrange to meet.

Ken Willison, Alternative Education Liaison to MASSP;
President of Michigan Alternative Education Organization (MAEO)

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Certificate of Completion

With the MMC in full effect, we're looking at what expectations are being set for a certificate of completion. If anyone is willing to share, I'd love some feedback and direction. Thanks!

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Certificate of Completion

With the MMC in full effect, we're looking at what expectations are being set for a certificate of completion. If anyone is willing to share, I'd love some feedback and direction. Thanks!

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Vocal Music Teacher Needed

If anyone can recommend a quality candidate for a part-time (0.4 FTE) MS/HS vocal music position that I have available, please contact me to provide the candidates information. You can reach me at the following:

Jason Kennedy, Principal
Oakridge High School
5493 E. Hall Rd.
Muskegon, MI 49442

Phone: (231) 788-7300
Fax: (231) 788-7314

E-mail: jkennedy@oakridgeschools.org

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How did your alternative high school fare with the EdYes Report Card / AYP?

I just left a discussion amongst alternative high school principals in my area where we compared and discussed our “Michigan School Report Card” results. This leads me to ask the following questions. (Please note: My answers are in parantheses.)

How long has your alternative school been in operation? (We are in our 25th year.)

What was your grade? (We received a No Grade because we have so few Full Academic Year - FAY - students that even using the maximum 3 year average, we did not test 30 FAY students.)

Did you make AYP? (No.)

If not, what tripped you up this year? (While we barely hit the target in Math, our ELA score was too low.)

What phase are you in? (1)

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Traditional 6/7 Hour Day and Advanced Placement


We, at Manchester High School, are on a traditional 7 hour day and are looking to see if we can get more time for our students to work on their Advanced Placement courses, particulary English Literature and Calculus.

I was wondering if anyone on a 6 or 7 hour day double schedules their AP courses? Or anything different/innovative to get those students more time in AP?


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Who among us has alternative education responsibilities or interests?

Please help MASSP's new alternative education liaison, Ken Willison, gain a clearer understanding of who among us has alternative education responsibilities or interests. If you have any duties in your district related to alternative education ... or if you just have a strong interest in alternative education issues ... please let Ken know who you are. If you prefer not to post to the internet, please feel free to send an email to him at ken.willison@staff.spartaschools.org

Also, if you haven't done so already … why not join the new Alternative Education group? While not much has been posted there yet, we hope to get the ball rolling soon and would love to have all interested parties participate.


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Can anyone recommend resources or counsel on starting a staff to student mentor program?

We would like to target at-risk students with a low commitment mentor program intending to reduce drop-out, failure and attendance rates. I am thinking that phone calls home when a student misses school, the normal good morning greetings, and such. I am looking for any suggestions.