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Secondary RtI

Is there a public school district that has implemented RtI successfully at the secondary level? If so, would you be open to hosting a visit from our district to discuss what is working well? Thanks!!

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Recommendations for professional development/teacher training for Connected Math.

I am looking for well qualified training for my 6th grade and 7th grade teachers for the Connected Math series. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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After School Study/Homework Club

We are looking to revamp our after-school homework club. We have tried both mandatory attendance based on teacher/parent placement and voluntary attendance. Does anyone have a program in place that they have found to be successful? Could you please provide the details and any forms you may use. Thank you so much!'s picture

Traditional 6/7 Hour Day and Advanced Placement


We, at Manchester High School, are on a traditional 7 hour day and are looking to see if we can get more time for our students to work on their Advanced Placement courses, particulary English Literature and Calculus.

I was wondering if anyone on a 6 or 7 hour day double schedules their AP courses? Or anything different/innovative to get those students more time in AP?


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Cell Phones as Instructional Tools

I am currently working with a company to develop and pilot a new program for teachers that would allow them to utilize student cell phones to aid in instruction. Our program would primarily use the phone's text messaging feature. Some functions of the program would include student surveys, quizzes and tests, real-time brainstorming, and picture and video galleries. It would be web-based so schools would simply pay a subscription fee and get a log-in. We are thinking about purchasing some pay-as-you-go cell phones for students to use who do not have text messaging service on their phones.

What do you see as the pros and cons of a program like this? I'm curious to get your feedback.

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9th Grade Center?

Does anyone currently operate and have success with a "school within a school" model specifically for the 9th grade population? If so, I would like to possibly arrange a visit to your school.

Thank you,
Scott Kapla
Lakeview High School

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Can anyone provide a sample letter to parents\students announcing availability of the Career Readiness Certificate?

Students took the 3 WorkKeys components needed to qualify for a National Career Readiness Certificate as part of the MME. The results of those tests are now available. OEAA has provided schools with a 6 page PDF of instructions telling students how to log in and register so that they can receive a copy of their certificate, but we would like to send a cover letter to students and parents along with that PDF. Does anyone have a copy of such a letter that they would be willing to share?

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How many minutes do you allow for passing time?

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Good morning,
I am looking for data that supports implementing the EXPLORE test in 8th/9th grade and the PLAN test in 10th grade. If possible, I am also looking at the cost of the two programs as it relates to their actual impact on ACT test scores.

Thank you,
Scott Kapla
Lakeview High School

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Personal Finance Course

I am in the process of putting together information to add a course to our curriculum. Curious to find out what others are using or doing for "Personal Finance" and what area is it located. (Economics or Business)

Looking forward to responses.

Perry Wilson

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What is the "going" rate of pay for educational consultants?

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Are there any surveys conducted by Michigan schools concerning the effectiveness of trimesters?

I am looking for additional questions to ask studnets, parents and staff concerning our first year of trimesters.

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HYBRID SCHEDULE (80/90 min. & 45/55 min. Classes)

I am looking for schools who may currently run a hybrid schedule. We currently run a block/semester schedule but are looking to alternatives.

Particularly, I am looking for schools who may run 80-90 minute classes for either a semester or a year long. At the same time, I am looking for classes within the same schedule that run for 45-55 minutes for either a semester or for the entire year.

If you currently run a hybrid schedule combining block classes and 45-55 minute classes, I would appreciate the time to speak/meet with you to discuss the intricacies of how you schedule students and what type of program you use to do it.

We are exploring new avenues in terms of serving our student population. Any information would be a tremendous help.

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Would like to talk with high schools using online textbooks.

If you are currently using online textbooks at your high school, St. Joseph High School would be interested in hearing about your experiences. Please provide us with contact information. Thanks!

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Anyone teaching Civics separate from Gov't. that has a "service learning" component as part of curriculum?

We have separated our Gov't. and Civics content. We teach Govt. junior year and have made Civics a senior year graduation requirement. As teachers work to develop curriculum they want to embed a service learning component. Looking for some good models to work from in this transitional phase.

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When weighting grades for advanced placement in SchoolsOpen, Is there a way to do it automatically?

We would like to weight our advanced placement classes G.P.A.'s automatically, and I am not sure if there is an easy way to do it or not. Any information would be helpful.
Thank you,

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Reading Intervention Course

Has anyone at the H. S. level implemented a reading intervention class for 9th / 10th graders? If so, what criteria is used for placement and what materials/instructional approach is being used?

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What are your plans for administering the "Locating Information" WorkKeys test with seniors?

Interested in specific details about how you plan to adminsiter the 3rd WorkKeys test to your senior class.

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Has anyone purchased any of the Curriculum Matrix kits from International Center for Leadership in Education?

Interested in knowing if the information received has been helpful and worth the $295.00 cost per kit.