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Cell Phones as Instructional Tools

I am currently working with a company to develop and pilot a new program for teachers that would allow them to utilize student cell phones to aid in instruction. Our program would primarily use the phone's text messaging feature. Some functions of the program would include student surveys, quizzes and tests, real-time brainstorming, and picture and video galleries. It would be web-based so schools would simply pay a subscription fee and get a log-in. We are thinking about purchasing some pay-as-you-go cell phones for students to use who do not have text messaging service on their phones.

What do you see as the pros and cons of a program like this? I'm curious to get your feedback.

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Can anyone recommend resources or counsel on starting a staff to student mentor program?

We would like to target at-risk students with a low commitment mentor program intending to reduce drop-out, failure and attendance rates. I am thinking that phone calls home when a student misses school, the normal good morning greetings, and such. I am looking for any suggestions.

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What is the "going" rate of pay for educational consultants?

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Policy that prohibits energy drinks in a middle or high school?

Does anyone have handbook language that you would be willing to share that prohibits energy drinks at the middle level? Any other advice on the topic?

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What organizations are being used for high school accreditation besides NCA?

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Counseling/Guidance Department Assessment

We are looking for a tool to use with students to assess the effectiveness of our counseling/guidance department. We are planning on completing a 360 evaluation with students, parents, and teachers.

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A-B-C-I Scale

Researching other high schools that are currently using or are thinking about moving to an ABC-I type of grading scale. Would like information and any data you would be willing to share.

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Trimesters for High School, Middle School, Alt. Ed. & CTE

We are doing some preliminary investigating and I could use some information from any of you who have the experience in implementing trimesters. Questions:
How long have you had it in place?
Do you see a positive correlation to academic achievement?
Has it cost you ($$-wise)and if yes, when (what year) did the cost increase become most apparent?
Have any of you who have gone to trimesters then gone back to semesters?
How has the community "bought in"?
Your overall experience in implementing: positive or negative AND how long did it take you to implement?

Brooke Ballee

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Online Options

We are looking at online options for high school courses and credit recovery options. We are looking at Aventa and Michigan Virtual University. MVU has had some issues in the past. Does anyone have a recommendation or insight (positive or negative) on these or other online options?

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ATTENTION MS and HS Leaders: Do You Have an Innovative Approach to Credit Recovery?

MIDDLE SCHOOLS: Do you have an innovative intervention program that helps struggling students get ready for the high school level?

HIGH SCHOOLS, CTE PROGRAMS, ALTERNATIVE EDUCATION PROGRAMS: Do you have unique scheduling options, programs or classes that restore credit and keep students on track for graduation?

If so, please consider signing up to be a presenter at the MASSP Credit Recovery Summit, January 28, 2009 by completing this short survey!

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Curriculum Council

Do any schools have a district curriculum team that helps determine the direction, compliance, changes, etc. to curriculum? Please send details to, thanks.'s picture

After school remediation or tutoring programs for homeless students.

I am looking for a tutoring or remedial program for students who are classified as homeless.  I found out today that Title 1 funds are available for this program and need to have something in place soon.  Any suggestions or resourses would be greatly appreciated.

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Have any of you developed the "testlets" or "sublet" tests for the HSCE's?

We are in the works, but there is much debate over what they should look like and when they should be implemented.'s picture

Science Course Offerings

For schools that have not moved Earth Science to the 8th Grade: What curriculum is being used for 8th Grade Science in the absence of any grade 8 Science GLCE's? Thanks for your help

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I am looking for a Dance Curriculum for high school level to round out our Fine Arts program.

Our high school is looking to implement a comprehensive dance program at the high school level starting with freshmen.  Do any of you have a worthwhile program running currently or know of a curriculum that is already out there???  Any information would be appreciated!  Thank you!


Brooke Ballee

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We are looking for high schools that have a successful advisory program in Western MI, Mid-MI, Northern MI or the UP

Both Traverse City High Schools are looking for High Schools to consult with and visit. Please provide the name of the high school and contact information in your response. Thanks!

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Pyramid of Interventions

Pyramid of Interventions

I am looking for middle schools successfully implementing a Pyramid of Interventions for their students.

Claire Bunker
Clare-Gladwin RESD