Path to Leadership: Program Timeline

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Program Timeline

All candidates must pay the non-refundable application fee and submit all required materials by the date specified as required for each Cohort.

MASSP begins a new Cohort every 6-8 weeks, which equates to approximately six Cohorts per calendar year. Information on each subsequent Cohort is posted after the previous deadline has passed. For a copy of the current Cohort calendar, applicable due dates and other information, please visit the Path to Leadership homepage.

The Path to Leadership program’s coursework takes one year to complete. All candidates are expected to participate in the program as part of a Cohort.

  • Modules #1-7 are six weeks in length with a one week break between each.
  • Module #8 begins concurrently with Module #6 and continues for 10 weeks (it also coincides with a portion of Module #7.)

The field experience is school-based and varies in length as it is an individualized process set-up through the Path to Leadership office.

Application materials MUST be submitted through the Path to Leadership program’s online learning platform at (paper and email submissions are NOT accepted). For more information on how to apply, please see pages 7 and 8.