Path to Leadership: Required Coursework

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Required Coursework

Problem-based curriculum Modules provide a research and theoretical base for understanding leadership, schools as organizations and the role of the school leader in driving school change to improve student learning. The Modules that make up the Path to Leadership curriculum include:

    Module 1: Creating an Inclusive Culture and Environment for Learning
    Module 2: Visionary Leadership for Educational Change and Improvement
    Module 3: Elements and Evaluation of Highly Effective Instruction
    Module 4: Improving Instructional Programs and Learning for All Students
    Module 5: Creating a Safe and Orderly Environment for Student Learning
    Module 6: Principles of Public School Law
    Module 7: Facilitation of School Improvement
    Module 8: Human Resources and Finance
    Field Experience (current administrators may be exempt from internship hours, depending on experience)

The program’s eight Modules are facilitated in an online environment in collaboration with Michigan Virtual. The 400-hour field experience (if applicable) is face-to-face and school-based. All instructors and mentors are respected members of the education community who hold certification and advanced degrees.

All applications are individually evaluated and an IDP is created for each candidate. Previous graduate-level and above coursework, training and provided portfolio samples are taken into consideration for possible exemption from Modules.