Path to Leadership: Who Needs Certification?

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Who Needs Certification?
What the Law States:
If a person is employed as a school administrator before January 4, 2010, and he or she has completed the continuing education requirements, he or she is not required to hold administrator certification.

If a person is employed as a school administrator after January 4, 2010, he or she must hold a valid school administrator certificate or be enrolled in a program leading to certification as a school administrator not later than six months after he or she begins employment. The person then has three years to complete certification requirements or he or she shall not continue to be employed as a school administrator.

Affected Positions:
• Superintendent
• Assistant Superintendent
• Principal
• Assistant Principal

These positions may require certification, depending on responsibilities:*
• Early Education Services Director
• Assistant Director of Early Education Services
• Director of Technical and Education Center
• Technology, Employment, and Community Services Director (Instructional technology)
• Supervisor of Adult Education and Training Services
• Supervisors/Directors of Special Education
• Supervisor of the Math and Science Center
• Great Start Readiness Program Administrator (Does not apply to GSRP classroom teachers)

*This list is not all inclusive. The local district, public school academy, or intermediate school district must determine whether the position includes administering instructional programs.