Principal's Toolbox

Principal's Help DeskPrincipal's Help Desk
The Principal's Help Desk is an invaluable resource for principals to gather ideas from all over the state. Use this area to find sample letters, brochures, forms, job descriptions, videos, model policies and other templates.
Model Student HandbookModel Student Handbook
With a great deal of litigation now focused on student handbooks and the rising cost of attorney fees, the Model Student Handbook Service is a cost effective way to keep your student handbook legal (Subscribers only). Click here to subscribe to the Student Model Handbook.
Ready Set SuccessReady Set Success
Looking for program ideas for your school improvement team? Or, do you have a great school program you'd like recognized? MASSP honors team decisions that have demonstrated school change. Click the Ready Set Success image on the left to learn more.
Questions and AnswersQuestions and Answers
Use this feature to post questions to the community. Get feedback from colleagues on topics that concern you and your building, or offer an answer to a question posted by someone else.
ForumDiscussion Forums
Take advantage of this page to share casual musings, or engage in heftier dialogue. It's open court in this forum. If you don't feel like chiming in, poke around to find interesting perspectives on the issues that interest you. Next time maybe there will be something you want to share.
The MASB's Employment Relations Information Network is a comprehensive online resource for employee relations and contract and negotiation data for school districts in the state of Michigan. Click here to compare salary information, fringe benefits, access contract language and receive policy and bylaw updates.