Board Information

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Membership on the MASSP Board of Directors is a professional experience that is both challenging and rewarding. It is an opportunity to serve education through a leadership role in Michigan's largest building administrator organization. The effective presence of MASSP as a positive influence on Michigan's secondary schools depends in large measure upon the guidance of a highly qualified, well-informed Board of Directors and professional staff.

Regardless of race, color, sex, religion, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin, age or disability or veteran status, every professional member principal or assistant principal of MASSP is eligible to become a candidate for membership on the Board of Directors. Members of the Board take justifiable pride in the leadership they provide to the extremely divergent membership, as well as for the thousands of middle level and high school youth. Board members must be aware of, and attuned to, the regional needs and concerns of Michigan; the variety of job responsibilities of individual members; rural, urban, and suburban education; minority considerations; and MASSP's relationship with other professional organizations and our state government.

Board Functions

The MASSP Board of Directors meets in-person four times per year and exists to help steer the direction of the association. According to the Association’s by-laws, the Board of Directors shall:

  • Establish policies and goals of the Association.
  • Employ an Executive Director to be the Chief Executive Officer of the Association and the Secretary-Treasurer for the Board of Directors and define his or her duties and responsibilities.
  • Be responsible for establishing time/place of the annual meeting.
  • Approve structure of Association dues.
  • Approve annual Association budget.
  • Prepare and publish policies for the operation of Association committees.
  • Establish Association committees as needed, and advise the President in the appointment of members and chairs of such committees.
  • Adhere to the guidelines and expectations established for members of the Board of Directors.


A prime requisite of candidates who wish to serve on the MASSP Board is a strong commitment to serve. It is also necessary that the candidate's Superintendent, Board of Education, other building administrators, faculty, and family support the candidate through their term on the Board.