Tech Bytes

MASSP is proud to offer our new Tech Bytes newsletter and resources as a member benefit. At the beginning of each month, members will receive information and a short video explaining a tech-based resource or tip to help you better function in your every day practice. In addition to housing the videos on our YouTube Channel, you'll also be able to access the archive of past Tech Bytes below.

Questions? Please email Ryan Cayce, MASSP's Director of Digital Learning & Resources.

Flipgrid (January 2018)

Flipgrid is a great example of a collaboration platform that gives a voice to all users and engages them in online communication. It has been a popular choice among educators on social media and we thought MASSP members would like to learn how to integrate this tool into their daily practice. When watching the video tutorial, learners will be shown how to create grids and topics, post video responses, and identify ways to use this platform as a principal or teacher. We hope you enjoy this new resource!

Gmail Hacks - Basics (February 2018)

When watching this basics tutorial, learners will be shown how to use labels & folders, undo send, and vacation responder settings. These are some very easy and simple ways to organize and simplify your inbox. Enjoy!

Gmail Hacks - Advanced (February 2018)

When watching this advanced tutorial, learners will be shown how to use filters, canned responses, and a third-party app called Boomerang. These hacks will help organize your inbox while making you more efficient when sending and receiving messages. Use these hacks and enjoy freeing up time normally spent on emails!

ClassroomScreen (March 2018)

ClassroomScreen is a brand new resource to hit the scene that every educator will want to check out. This completely free resource (with no account creation needed) gives teachers a blank space to project on their screen and can add a variety of widgets needed to deliver their lessons, activities, and exit polls. Packed with great classroom management tools as well like noise volume indicator and random group maker, ClassroomScreen is a great tool that is easy to use and implement right now!